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How early do I need to put my child’s name down to attend Homeland Day Nursery?

As soon as possible is always best, as we have a limit as to how many children we can accommodate in each phase group. It is best to secure your place, so you are not disappointed as if you applied nearer to your required start date we may not have a vacancy for your child.

How do I book a place for my child?

Once you have been to look round the nursery you will be given an information pack. Please fill in the application form and form of agreement and return it to nursery, with the deposit stated in the pack. If for whatever reason you are unable to look round the nursery before you apply, please contact us and we will answer any questions you have and send an information pack out to you.

Can my child visit the nursery prior to starting?

Yes, we offer three settling in sessions without charge, individual to each child’s needs. Each child has an initial induction visit with mum, dad or another familiar adult, spending time in the room, meeting the practitioners in particular the key person and sharing information. We then offer two further settling in sessions where the child is welcome to stay for short time including a meal time. If you would prefer, please feel free to ring us at any point before your little one starts, and we can talk you through the above.

What should I/my child bring to nursery?

For babies we ask for nappies, any comforters and formula/breast milk and bottles. Formula/ breast milk and bottles can be kept at nursery and sterilised after each use or can be sent home each day. If a baby is continuing to be breast fed we are more than happy for mum to come in and do this if she prefers and it is feasible for her to do so around her commitments.

For younger children we ask that you bring nappies and any comforters. We provide sensitive wipes or water and cotton wool, if preferred, and nappy bags, however parents are welcome to request a particular brand if they have a preference. We also welcome terry nappies, which will be bagged up and returned to the parent at the end of each day, to take home for washing.

For all children we request that you bring at least one change of clothes. This may be increased for babies or for children who are toilet training. The children go outside every day and are required to bring a warm coat and suitable footwear. We provide sun cream but if your child requires a particular brand please label it and bring it to nursery.

If your child requires any long term or short term medication, please discuss this with practitioners beforehand and complete the appropriate medication forms. We do have calpol on site, in case it is unexpectedly needed during the nursery day however if you are requesting for your child to have calpol please label it and bring it to nursery.

What are your opening times and when are you closed?

We are open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5.45pm and closed on Bank Holidays. We finish for Christmas on the last working day before Christmas Eve and reopen on the first working day of the New Year.

How often are your nurseries inspected by OFSTED?

OFSTED aim to inspect nurseries each cycle, usually every three to four years. The setting is given half a day’s notice. They will also carry out an inspection if they receive a serious complaint, and then no notice is given. Inspection reports can be found on the Government Ofsted website, and our most recent is on our website.


Are all staff DBS (CRB/Police) checked?

Every staff member including cooks, nursery practitioners, cleaner and maintenance staff are all DBS checked when they come to work with us. Whilst waiting for their DBS check, a staff member will not be left unsupervised with the children or carry out any intimate care routines.

Do all staff hold relevant childcare qualifications?

We currently have a qualified team of childcare professionals, ranging from level 2 – Early Years Teaching Status as well as two long standing, experienced members of staff. All staff are encouraged to build on their studies, to support reflective practice and further their knowledge and understanding of child development and key current childcare topics.

What are the staff to child ratios at Homeland Day Nursery?

The ratios, as outlined by Early Years Foundation Stage are:
0-2 years – 1 adult : 3 children,
2-3 years – 1 adult : 4 children
over 3 years 1adult : 8 children or 1:13 with an EYP/T or teacher

Are the same staff based in each room to assist continuity?

Yes, each room has a room leader and a staff team. Most staff have key children, meaning they are responsible for their learning journeys and regularly planning for and assessing their development. We strive to keep the staff in each room as consistent as possible, especially when children are settling into nursery.

Are your staff First Aid trained?

Yes, all our nursery practitioners are first aid trained and renew their qualification every three years, with regular reminders and updates at monthly staff meetings.


How will my child sleep at nursery and where?

In the baby room the babies sleep outside in the silver cross prams and push chairs which will be discussed with you during your little one’s settling in sessions. In the toddler room and above, the children will be offered a sleep mat, in the allocated sleep room. Sleep arrangements are always discussed with you beforehand and individual cases are always taken into consideration.

How do staff get children to sleep?

Staff will discuss this with you and follow any routines from home, if this is more comforting for your little one, especially whilst settling. As children adapt to being at nursery, they will often fall asleep by themselves. Children may be comforted by a staff member rubbing their back or patting them softly.

Do children have their own bedding and how often is this washed?

Yes, each day children are allocated fresh sheets and their allocated blankets are washed weekly.

My child has a set routine, how will this fit into nursery life?

When your little one starts with us we will follow your home routine to help with their transition. After that each child is different, and will adapt to the nursery routine in their own time.


What happens if my baby is not yet weaned when they start nursery?

When you and your little one come for their initial settling in session we can discuss this further. We will work with you, follow your routine from home as you introduce new foods and offer support and guidance if needed.

Is the food cooked freshly on the nursery premises on a daily basis?

Yes, we have two cooks at nursery who prepare two meals a day for our children, following our seasonal, three weekly menus. We also offer a healthy breakfast and snack menu. All meals are made with fresh ingredients, with no added salt or sugar. We offer water or milk to drink with fresh drinking water available at all times.

Where do children eat their meals?

Each phase group eats in their own room. Meal times at nursery help to develop social skills, table manners and independence.

Do you have a Halal or Kosher options on your menus?

No, however we do offer vegetarian alternatives and can also adapt our menus for many allergy or dietary requirements, for example, dairy free or sugar free.


What is Montessori?

The Montessori Method is a wonderful proven method of getting children through their learning. It has five main concepts, and they link beautifully with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Guidance:-

  • Motivation
  • Attitude
  • Normalisation
  • Independence
  • Self Discipline

The apparatus is self-directed in that it provides the children with motives for purposeful activity perfectly adapted to each stage of their development. A child works and progresses at their own pace with the teacher being more of a positive `guardian angel’ directing and facilitating the child rather than having a forced and regimented approach. This does not mean that teaching and reinforcing of positive behaviour do not occur for they do, but as the child progresses he or she becomes more active in their own learning.

A Montessori classroom is prepared to help the child accomplish their goals in their own manner, whether they call it work or play. Our Pre-School room knits the EYFS continuous provision with the Montessori apparatus. Concentration and attention span develop, children become exact and precise in their movement, they develop a sense of order, are obviously happy to give maximum effort and, through their self discipline, respect for each other is clear.

How will my child’s progress be tracked throughout nursery?

All children are observed and planned for through ‘next steps’. These observations are linked to the Early Years Outcomes/Development Matters, Characteristics of Effective Learning and Leuven scale of well-being and involvement, and all of this helps to build a picture of where each child is tracking in their development. Every child has a baseline assessment, typically after 6 weeks of being at nursery, and then termly thereafter. We follow the Montessori Method of teaching which knits beautifully with the EYFS and allows the child to develop at their own rate.

How often does Homeland Day Nursery hold parents evening?

Parents can ask to speak to their child’s key worker at any time for an update and overview of their development. We currently offer a scheduled meeting with parents to discuss their child’s two year old assessments; as well as meetings through the year as children transition through the setting. Pre-school arrange a twilight parent meeting to discuss the transition to school in order to ensure that everything.
Parents also have the opportunity at our Cake and Craft mornings, Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea, Father’s Day breakfast, parent forums and Christmas concerts to speak to their child’s key worker. Once a term, parents are provided with a written update from the setting which has provision for the parents to add any additional information from home.

My child has special educational needs and disability (SEND), can they still attend Homeland Day Nursery?

Yes of course as we are a fully inclusive nursery; we pride ourselves on adapting our care to the individual needs of each child to give them the best support we can.

Do you have connections and relationships with surrounding schools?

We are happy to contact the local schools to build relationships with them, ready for our pre-schoolers to move on to them in September. Schools are welcome into nursery to meet the children who will be attending their schools and we continue to develop our transition report each year, providing the information schools find most useful.


Do you have CCTV in your nursery and can I view it?

We do not currently have CCTV in the rooms but we do have a security system including a camera on the back gate.

How secure is the nursery?

Families can access our nursery via our electronic video door entry system. When the children are playing outside on the main play area the gate is locked from the inside and access is gained by staff viewing who is at the gate before allowing access. Each child is signed in and out of the building by a staff member. When anyone different is collecting a child, parents will be asked to provide a password and prior photographic evidence or a detailed description of the person collecting.
If you have any other questions, please to do not hesitate to contact the nursery and speak to a member of management who will be able to discuss and support you with any concerns you may have.


How often will my child go outside to play?

We aim to have all children outside throughout the day, all year round. As we treat all children as individuals there may be times when your little one does not wish to go outside, and this is always taken into consideration. During warmer weather children can access the outdoors whilst working around the hottest part of the day, if the weather is particularly hot. We will follow the appropriate sun protection guidance.

Do you go for trips/walks?

Yes, we have trips to the park, duck pond, shops, local library and at times we really enjoy travelling on the tram. Staff are also encouraged to book the nursery minibus and plan other trips further afield such as the farm, the zoo, pumpkin farm and museum.

Does Homeland Day Nursery hold extra-curricular activities?

We currently have French classes for the children in Pre-school and Stretch n Grow for Pre-school and the older toddlers. We also have music with Anne-Marie weekly, on a different day each week.


How can I pay my childcare fees?

Fees are paid on the first of each month by direct debit, bank transfers or card payments can be made for extra sessions.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we are registered with several childcare voucher companies, please contact the manager for more information.

Do I need to pay a deposit/admin fee to secure my child’s place?

A deposit of £150.00 will secure your little one’s place, this is non-refundable if you decide not to take the place, however if you give the appropriate notice £150 will be returned to you when your child leaves, or deducted from your final payment.

Do you offer funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?

Yes, when applicable, please contact the manager with any further enquiries relating to this matter.

Is there any family discount available if you have more than one child attending the nursery?

Yes, if you have siblings at nursery, the youngest sibling will have a 10% reduction in fees if they do three days or more or if their joint sessions equate to a full time place.

How is my invoice calculated?

The number of sessions each child does per week is added together and then multiplied by 50 weeks (number of weeks we are open during the year) and is then divided by 12 to generate equal monthly payments.

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