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Here at Homeland Day Nursery we pride ourselves in offering value for money and by using our fee calculator below you are able to see exactly what it costs to send your child to our nursery.

The fee calculator allows you to input information regarding local council funding for both 2 and 3 year olds. For more information on checking whether you are eligible and how you can use the funded places alongside Tax-Free Childcare please click here to download our TFC and Funding Guidance for Parents. Further information and a useful eligibility calculator can be found here.

The calculators below are based on the following rates, as outlined in our 2022 Fee Schedule:

Full Day Rate £71.75
Half Day Rate £40.40

This is our basic monthly fee calculator for when you child is not in receipt of any government funding

This calculator takes into account 3 year funding reduction based on Trafford Local Authority Rates. Due to our policy of equally spreading 3 year funding from the first month your child becomes eligible to the end of that the current academic year you with see that the funding reduction varies slightly depending on when your child becomes eligible. A full explanation of where this ratio comes from can be found in our Parent Tax Free Childcare and Funding guide linked above

This calculator takes into account 2 year funding. Our policy is to allocate 2 year funding on a term by term by term basis, spreading it equally over each invoice for that term. This allows us to easily transition your funding to the 3 year rate.

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