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Homeland Day Nursery | 87 Navigation Road | Altrincham | Cheshire | WA14 1LJ | STAFF PORTAL

You can view our latest Ofsted Report by clicking here.

Without doubt we made the right decision in placing Isabella into Homeland. Bella has grown very attached to several members of staff down to their warmth and genuine interest in Bella’s development and wellbeing. This is something that sets the nursery apart.

Bella has developed the fundamentals of talking and numbers whilst in Homeland and she enjoys the Montessori approach to learning which is delivered so well by the staff.

Over the 2 years since she has been in your care Bella has also improved her eating and toiletry habits and has achieved this a lot easier and quicker that most of her peers outside of nursery thanks to the support, experience and skillset of your team.

Whenever we have had questions or concerns these have been listened too and addressed. The leadership and management that you so effectively provide throughout of the nursery resonates through the happiness of staff and children alike.

We find Homeland to be friendly, warm and always welcoming. The facilities are second to none and Blythe is developing at such a fast rate it’s hard to keep up. This has only happened through your continued support and care.

The Tigers team are always open and honest which is invaluable as it means we have a good understanding, through thorough feedback, on a daily basis of what Blythe has been doing and how she is getting on.

The varied activities mean that Blythe is constantly engaged, she enjoys coming home practising French, music, exercise and discussing topics such as which foods have the best vitamins. All of this makes our time with her more enjoyable and exciting.

The true testament to how fantastic Homeland is, on return from our weeks holiday Blythe said we could have another holiday as she didn’t want to miss any more nursery days.

We find the staff at the nursery very friendly, professional, helpful and affectionate they are always there to welcome William with open arms and always encourage the children to integrate spend time with each other socialising especially at meal times when they all sit together. We believe that this has definitely assisted his development watching the slightly older children in pooh corner. Within weeks of William starting at the nursery he learned how to walk, and form words better.

We particularly like that at the end of each day a staff member in pooh corner provides us with a debrief of the day including what William ate and how much, how many nappy changes were required and why, and how long he slept as well as what activities he has done with the group. All this information is kept in his personal book which we as parents keep. All this information we find is really reassuring and shows the staff care.

We as parents have no concerns about William attending the nursery and would definitely recommend it to our friends.

Both of my boys have attended Homeland Day Nursery. I had no hesitation in enrolling Alexander at Homeland as I wanted him to attend the same setting as his older brother, despite the fact we had moved to a house further away. In our words, there was no other nursery we would consider.

We particularly appreciate the family/community feel about the setting. All of the staff get to know all of the children, as a result the children feel that they can go to any member of staff for comfort. I find the management team and staff are approachable and always happy to listen to any concerns I may have and also to offer guidance on my boys’ development when I have been unsure.

Alexander is currently in Rabbits and is really happy there and is learning new things every day, he has become self-sufficient and I really feel that is thanks to the nursery. Staff always fully update me at the end of the day, and lets me know what he has been learning that day, we really appreciate this as we follow on from this at home.

Hyacinth’s menu and cooking has been fully appreciated by both of my boys, we like the range of fresh fruit and vegetables and variety of meals (which always smell lovely!). We like the security system at the side gate. But most of all we really love the outside space for the children to play. This was a large factor in our choosing the nursery.

As parents at Homeland Nursery for the past 5 and a half years, we have seen first-hand all the excellent work the staff do to make it a lovely, caring and safe environment for our children to play, learn and make new friends.

Our boys love coming to nursery every day.

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