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Homeland Day Nursery | 87 Navigation Road | Altrincham | Cheshire | WA14 1LJ | STAFF PORTAL

Each week we are visited by three peripatetic agencies to further enhance our curriculum – ‘Stretch and Grow’, Anne-Marie’s ‘Music and Movement’ classes as well as a teacher of French.

The Stretch-n-Grow programme teaches children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle with weekly emphasis on exercise, healthy bodies and good food choices. It’s a lot of fun and children love it!

Anne-Marie’s Music and Movement encourages little ones to feel the beat, learn about musical instruments and dance their way to fitness.

French Lessons with La Joli Ronde. These lessons with Emma, teach the Pre-School children French in a fun and exciting way.

At Homeland Day Nursery we ensure your child’s day is varied and enjoyable. To help keep parents involved in understanding their child’s routine and activities at Homeland Day Nursery we try to communicate with you as a parent around how you can take some of our activities and try them at home.

The feedback from parents is that it is often the child who becomes the teacher at home as they enjoy showing off the things they have done with other children Nursery, being proud of what they have learned.

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